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Mykonos 4*hotel







This project concerns the creation of a 4* hotel in Mykonos. The plot of land on which the complex is being developed is located outside the nearest village, with a north-south orientation on the large side, while the sea view is on the west side and the entrance to the hotel is on the east side.

The architectural design was carried out with the aim of all rooms and suites having a sea view, through the exploitation of the natural slope of the land. The layout is organised in three levels with a difference in height between them of about 3m. At the entrance of the site, the hotel reception area and the rooms are located, which are arranged on two floors. On the intermediate level, the suites of the accommodation with a private swimming pool are placed. Finally, the hotel restaurant with the swimming pool are placed on the lower part, allowing all rooms to have a view of the sea. Also, to avoid the creation of high retaining walls, lower planting levels of 2.50m long are formed, thus smoothing the transition from one level to another.

Throughout the design the project respects and follows the traditional Cycladic architecture using local environmentally friendly materials. The final surface of the exterior and interior walls is coated with white plaster, the windows of the structure are made of light grey wood, the walls that form the terraces of the rooms and the surrounding area of the hotel are made of stone, while the exterior floors are covered with stone from Karystos and pressed cement mortar.

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