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Santorini 5* hotel 







The project concerns the design of a 5* hotel complex in the settlement of Akrotiri in Santorini. 

This preliminary study concerns the creation of 42 units. It is planned to design 21 ground floor suites of 50 m² (Suites A) and 21 suites of 75 m² developed on two levels, a ground floor of 50 m² and a first floor of 25 m² (Suites B). The exploitation of the slope of the natural terrain leads to the vertical organization of the suites, with the B's being placed on top of the A's, thus giving the B's access to the roof of the A's. The units are organized in such a way as to allow the creation of large courtyards and individual swimming pools, as well as to ensure the best possible view. They are spacious, comfortable, with a view of the caldera. Suites A are accessed from the front, through their individual courtyard, while Suites B are accessed from the back.

The location of the reception building is set at the lowest height of the plot. It is placed at this point as it constitutes the main view of the hotel towards the street on the one hand, and on the other hand it is the nodal point of the junction of the 3 individual plots and therefore serves all the units effectively. On the same level and in close proximity, the restaurant-bar is located, which occupies 100 sq.m. Between the two buildings, the swimming pool with sunken sunbeds is planned, which overlooks the caldera.

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